Friday, June 17, 2011


Some stuff i typed down months ago cuz i was gonna tell someone about it. i never got around to explaining it to them.  I only recognize some stuff when I reread this.

I typed up what I could remember of this dream a long time ago, maybe years but never got around to posting it had a dream, me and june were good friends, had class togehter and what not, and a baby kiddid stuff together all the time but then she started doing horrible things to me, id ask her to carry my stuff then shed just drop it in between periods (highschool) and id have to run around to find it, was cookin eggs for the baby and it would never cook id cook it like crazy and it would still be runy, sohwed even and ask ed why it wouldnt cook , i was crying was somewhere on roadtrip with olo, took my car but it was bad so i took olo's miata w/ katie somewhere dunno how she was there but she was, got pulled over by the cops cuz his car was out of control and i couldnt drive it

Anyhoo i picked up moma from the airport couple of days ago

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