Friday, May 20, 2011


JANEWAY: Have you spoken with the other Magistrates about using the trajector?
GATH: Actually, I haven’t. Some of them are travelling now but I assure you I will do it. I’ve already seen all those.
JANEWAY: It’s becoming a matter of some urgency.
GATH: Oh? Why?
JANEWAY: We’ve imposed on you for long enough.
GATH: Not true. We welcome you for as long as you can stay. And I hope that’s a very long time indeed. 
JANEWAY: My crew is eager to continue our journey. Once they realised the trajector might bring us 40,000 light years closer to home.
GATH: Why are you so consumed with this desire to get home? I find it difficult to understand.
JANEWAY: Home is home. It’s where we belong.
GATH: Couldn’t you create a new home here, with us? Can you imagine a more delightful place to live, where you could pass your time extracting pleasure from every moment. I promise you, you and I have many such moments to explore. 
JANEWAY: Yes, but for how long? I’ve seen how quickly you get tired of your pleasures. All that interests you is what’s new and unexplored. After a day or two it becomes commonplace.
GATH: Yes?
JANEWAY: We prefer permanence. The reward of relationships that endure and grow deeper with the passing of time.
GATH: You would loose those notions if you stayed with us.
JANEWAY: You may be right. And that’s why we have to leave.
GATH: We have offered you nothing but hospitality. Is this how you repay us? With an attack on our beliefs?
JANEWAY: I’m sorry. I was just trying to illustrate the differences between us.
GATH: I don’t enjoy being judged like this. It’s very upsetting. Not at all pleasurable.
Janeway. That’s all you really care about, isn’t it? Your pleasure. All your hospitality, your graciousness, it was never about giving us pleasure, it’s all been to gratify yourselves. We’re nothing more than the latest novelty.
GATH: You’re hostile, and vicious. You would infect the joyousness of our lives. You must leave immediately.
JANEWAY: You never had any intention of helping us, did you?
GATH: Of course I did. I did everything in my power to persuade you to stay here.
JANEWAY: Janeway to Voyager. One to beam up.

aliens dont care about us.. they only want us for our bodies...

by the way i love it when the say energize... its so badass

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